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The best personal injury lawyers Lluís Law in Los Angeles, have the experience and the ability to win any trial however difficult it may be. They work with dedication each case and are available 24 hours a day to assist victims of different types of accidents, cases of unjust death or unjustified loss of work.

Our lawyers perfectly understand the difficult situation that a person and their family must live in any of these cases, which represent a real challenge from a physical, emotional and financial point of view. More than 40 years of experience, a deep knowledge of the law and honest work alongside our clients, constitute our main service credentials.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys Struggling to Get Fair Compensation for their Clients

The law firm of Lluis Law located in the heart of Los Angeles very close to the courts, offers sufficient guidance and advice to their clients so that they can make the best decisions, in cases of claims and civil suits for damages.

Victims of personal injury or their relatives are permanently informed about the progress of litigation, while they recover from their injuries. We apply all the necessary legal and negotiation techniques to win a case and get our clients to obtain a full and fair compensation for their injuries.

Most common causes of personal injury in Los Angeles

The injuries caused by accidents are very diverse, some of the most common in Los Angeles that we serve in our firm are the following:

Car accidents

When drivers are distracted they cause car accidents, which can be very serious depending on the circumstances and the speed at which they travel. A driver distracted while talking or writing on the phone, eating, drinking, putting on make-up or trying to pick something up from the floor can cause a tragedy.

Sometimes accidents are also caused because drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This type of negligent and irresponsible attitude, is what we investigated in Lluis Law to determine the responsibility of the person in the accident that caused the injuries.

Accidents with motorcycles

Motorcycle accidents are among the most frequent causes of personal injury in Los Angeles and throughout the United States. Some people after suffering an accident of this type caused by other drunk, drugged or distracted drivers are: fractures of badly healed bones, brain damage, paralysis and injuries to the nerves.

Accidents with trucks

Negligent drivers who cause road accidents abound in California. People who are hit by a cargo truck suffer very strong injuries that can cause death or permanent disability. Injuries in these accidents include: severe and widespread trauma, brain damage, burns, crushing and dislocation of bones and joints.

Accidents with buses

The negligence of bus drivers can cause very serious injuries and even death to passengers, pedestrians or other drivers on the street. When determining the negligent driver’s responsibility in an accident, must pay for the bodily, psychological and material damage caused.

California law allows victims of personal injury and their families to pursue those responsible so that they can receive an exemplary sanction and prevent others from suffering similar accidents. In addition to the driver, there could be other responsible parties in the accident (supervisors, manufacturers, owners, etc.).

Pedestrian accidents

Drivers after hitting a pedestrian can claim in their defense that the fault of the accident was the pedestrian and not theirs. In this type of litigation that can become frustrating for victims, it is necessary to have a personal injury lawyer to help put things in their place.

Pedestrian accidents can leave serious or minor injuries, depending on the speed of travel of the vehicle that caused the accident and the part of the body that directly received the impact. The lawyer must calculate the present and future damages caused to the victim and then quantify the value of the claim.

Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice often causes serious injury and death in patients who go to clinical hospitals after suffering an injury to receive treatment. Malpractice results in misdiagnosis, erroneous prescription of medication or the carelessness of an anesthesiologist, surgeon or nurse during a surgical intervention.

To win a case of medical malpractice, the victims’ attorneys must prove the responsibility of the professional specialist in the fact due to their negligent, reckless or incompetent conduct. In cases of medical malpractice where the victim dies, family members may file a lawsuit for wrongful death and a survivor action to recover damages during the time he or she was alive.

Sexual harassment

This is another category of personal injury dealt with by Lluis Law’s law firm. In these litigation are often involved, teachers, sports coaches, priests, domestic employees and other trusted family members. The victims are usually children or adolescents, whose life ends up being ruined by psychological and physical abuse (violations).

Although nothing can repair the damage caused, obtaining monetary compensation from the person responsible, be it a person, an institution or an entity due to the lack of control or supervision of its personnel, is a way of compensating in a small part the pain and suffering brought about.

Slips and falls

If a person is injured when falling because the owner of a building or business premises did not keep their facilities in safe transit conditions for pedestrians commonly used floors and stairs, the victim can file a lawsuit for personal injury. Slips and falls are among the most frequent accidents in the workplace, on private property and on the street.

Deadly accidents / Wrongful death

Any accident that causes the death of another person due to the responsibility of a third party, may be the subject of a civil lawsuit to claim compensation from the responsible party. One of the areas of services in which the lawyers of Lluis Law specialize is precisely the unjust death or wrongful death.

After a free consultation with us, the client can have a clearer vision about their rights and the damages they can recover in a case of unjust death.

Dog bites

Dog bites on the street or inside private property are more frequent than we think. The owners of these pets are responsible for the injuries they may cause to people, so they must be held responsible when an accident of this type occurs.

A dog can cause very serious injuries to a person, from a deep wound, to the tearing of the skin and even the amputation of a limb. In a situation like this, the victim has the right to claim payment of compensation to treat his injuries and recover other damages.

Other cases of injuries

Personal injury cases may also include some accidents in the workplace that give rise to claims and / or judgments for negligence or third-party liability, also for product liability and for defective consumer products.

The injuries that are the subject of a civil suit can range from traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations and other catastrophic injuries to cases of wrongful death.

In any of these cases, you or the injured relative should immediately seek good medical treatment and then obtain the best possible legal assistance by hiring qualified lawyers, personal injury experts and able to fight with determination and ownership for their rights.

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Compensation for damages in a personal injury claim

The best personal injury lawyers Lluis Law in Los Angeles have the experience and the ability to win any trial however difficult it may be. They work with dedication each case and are available 24 hours a day to assist victims of different types of accidents, cases of unjust death or unjustified loss of work.

Commonly, after suffering an injury in the workplace, in an automobile accident or of any other type, the questions that arise immediately are often: who will pay for my medical bills and how much will my case be worth? The answers to these questions should often be discussed with an expert personal injury lawyer, who will guide us and assist us in filing a personal injury lawsuit likely to succeed.

The payment of the invoices will be borne by the person responsible for the injuries or their insurance company. If you are a worker and the injury occurred at work, the compensation payments of California workers must be made by the employer, through your insurance company. Subsequently, such expenses must be reimbursed by the responsible party once an out-of-court settlement is reached (informal settlement) or the court issues a judgment in favor of the victim of the injuries.

Regarding the damages claimed (financial, physical and emotional), it is necessary to quantify the costs of medical treatment and the other expenses associated with the accident. Sometimes it is also possible to claim punitive damages, this is the punishment of the conduct of the responsible by imposing a monetary penalty, which serves as an exemplary sanction to the rest of society to be avoided in the future.

To recover damages or obtain compensation, it is first necessary to identify the person responsible for the injuries and prove their responsibility before the insurance company or before a civil court. Many adverse situations can occur during the trial, because the other party will try through their lawyer to dismiss the injuries or even counter-accuse claiming that the victim was also at fault in the accident.

If the jury or judge determines that the victim also had a percentage of fault in the accident, the payment of the damages caused will be made according to the degree of responsibility established for the accused and for the victim. This is what is known in the law as the Rule of pure comparative negligence that governs California law.

Recoverable damages in a personal injury case

The compensation sought by the plaintiffs for their injuries is known as “damages”. Said compensation seeks that the victim does not also have to bear the financial damages caused by the reprehensible and irresponsible conduct of another person. There are several types of damages that a person could get during a personal injury lawsuit.

These damages are:

Economic, as they relate to the actual costs or expenses caused specifically by the injuries (medical treatment, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses).

Non-economic, they are more subjective in nature, since they are considered aspects of the victim’s life. The recovery of damages will depend, of course, on the skill of the lawyer but also on the way of life and the type of injury.

The main recoverable damages in a personal injury lawsuit are explained in detail below:

Medical bills

Often people injured in a personal injury accident need medical treatment to recover. These expenses include: special exams, hospitalization, medical fees, medicines, ambulance service and ambulatory care after the patient is discharged. Then comes the rehabilitation process that can be very long.

The costs of medical treatment depend on the type of injury, but they are usually very high and involve large sums of money. To prepare a lawsuit, the personal injury lawyer must include all these present and future expenses, so that in a possible agreement these are covered.

Lost wages

When people are injured they have to stop working and this causes salary losses that must be covered. During the hospitalization and the recovery period many hours of work can be lost, which will not be recognized by the employer if the accident occurred outside of work or, even if it was in the workplace but was the fault of a third party.

Attending regular medical consultations also takes time away and this time should also be compensated by the person responsible for the injuries. So for a few days, for a temporary disability or for a permanent disability, the victim may be entitled to recover damages for lost wages, after the accident that caused the injuries.

Pain and suffering

The damages for pain and suffering are subjective, so that the plaintiff must present very strong evidence of such damages to convince the jury. The allegations about the damage caused must be sufficient “beyond a reasonable doubt”. To calculate and grant the compensation, the degree of affectation and the depth of the pain and suffering caused are taken into account; that is, the severity of the injury and the necessary medical treatment.

In jury trials, the quantification of this type of damages can perfectly exceed 1,000,000 dollars, so the plaintiff or their lawyer must demonstrate without any doubt the emotional and physical impact caused to the victim by the negligence of the other person. The medical records in these cases are very valuable, because they prove the extent of the injuries and the recovery period that the injuries entail.

Emotional distress

It has to do with the way the accident and the injuries affected the victim of the injuries mentally and emotionally. Not necessarily the injuries have to be physical to be considered as serious, since post-traumatic stress, for example, can cause as much damage as a bodily injury.

Anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders can become very serious and affect the ability to work and life in general of a person, to the point of incapacitating it completely.

To obtain emotional distress it is very important to gather all the medical records of specialists (psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists) in which the diagnosis of the patient and the recommended medical treatment are clearly specified.

Death by negligence

The cases of death by negligence are also part of the civil actions that may be presented by the survivors of the deceased against the responsible party to try to recover damages. The relatives of the deceased must identify and prove the negligence of the accused.

The recovery of damages will be based on how the other party’s irresponsible behavior left the victim’s family without love and financial support. Therefore, the court must compensate for these recoverable damages that may cover loss of wages or income, funeral expenses and other expenses derived from the death of the person.

Damages for wrongful death also usually compensate the unnecessary loss of the loved one (spouse, father or mother). This is the loss of company for the spouse and the loss of orientation to the surviving children.

Loss of consortium

The loss of company may be due to the total absence of the loved one after an accident due to unjust death or because the injury caused to the victim does not allow him to fully enjoy the relationship.

Victims of personal injuries and their spouses often cannot return to a normal life after an accident. These damages are quantified in money to try to compensate for this loss of company.

Punitive damages

This type of damage differs from the previous ones because it seeks to dissuade those responsible for the injuries and society in general from returning to commit them. They are to call them in some way, exemplary sanctions that on the one hand punish the guilty and on the other compensate the victims with a certain sum of money.

In order for the court to award punitive damages to the victims, it must be proven that they were the result of deliberate or malicious conduct. Some examples of these damages are when insurance companies illegally deny medical treatment to a client or a doctor intentionally commits medical malpractice.

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What is a personal injury?

The best personal injury lawyers Lluis Law in Los Angeles have the experience and the ability to win any trial however difficult it may be. They work with dedication each case and are available 24 hours a day to assist victims of different types of accidents, cases of unjust death or unjustified loss of work.

Personal injuries in the law are a category of damages caused to one person by negligence or responsibility of another. They may be of a bodily nature, but also include emotional and mental injuries. In the case of personal injuries, material damages or property damage are excluded.

It is very important to know exactly the meaning of this legal concept when taking a civil action to pursue damages against a third party responsible for any of the aforementioned injuries. In cases of work accidents, personal injury claims in California can be filed only against third parties (co-workers, suppliers, manufacturers, etc.) other than the employer.

Personal injuries are generated when a person acts negligently and causes physical or mental damage to another. In other words, assumes behavior that is considered socially unwise compared to what a reasonable person would do in similar circumstances.

Negligent behavior means acting irresponsibly and recklessly, knowing that the safety and integrity of other people on the street, at work or elsewhere, depend on our own actions. In addition, the concept of negligence indicates that the person has a legal duty to protect other people as it could cause harm if they do not act responsibly.

For example, the operator of a machine that neglects looking at the cell phone while a load is being lifted, endangers the safety of other people or co-workers because it could crash and cause a tragedy. The same example is for the driver of a truck or a bus that does not respect traffic signals.

By not respecting traffic rules or safety standards at work, it puts at serious risk the health and even the lives of other people with whom you have a duty of protection and care. These types of behaviors are judged and can lead to civil claims or lawsuits.

Personal injury claims are civil actions and are processed through civil courts, while bodily injuries belong more to criminal law and are prosecuted through criminal courts.

Law on personal injuries

The personal injury law is the legal instrument that allows injured or aggrieved persons to seek economic compensation for the losses caused, through the filing of a civil lawsuit. In the case of personal injuries are included the grievances, that is, the illicit acts of a civil nature that cause injuries or damages to other people and are divided into three major groups:

Negligent wrongs: those in which a person acts without due care (car accidents, work accidents).

Intentional torts: are deliberate acts or committed on purpose (a blow given to another person during an argument, for example).

Injuries of strict liability: the subject is responsible for the injuries, without considering whether it was their fault or not, because the facts involved are inherently dangerous.

In a lawsuit (civil action) the plaintiff must prove their accusations through the preponderance of the evidence (there is a high probability that the defendant caused the damage or that it was their fault).

Types of most common personal injuries

Most of these injuries occur in the workplace, in traffic accidents, in accidents at home and in accidents due to the use of defective products. These are some of the most common personal injuries that we attend with a lot of regularity the law firm of Lluis Law in Los Angeles:

  • Cranioencephalic trauma
  • Head injuries
  • Bone fractures (arms, legs, hands, ribs)
  • Spinal cord and spinal cord injuries
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Knee and elbow injuries
  • Burn injuries and electrocution
  • Desfiguration / scars
  • Amputation
  • Paralysis
  • Psychological damage
  • Posttraumatic stress
  • Sight loss
  • Hearing loss
  • Permanent disability
  • Pulmonary injuries
  • Wrongful death / wrongful death

When is a personal injury lawyer needed?

When a person suffers an accident that was not their fault and is a victim of physical, emotional or psychological injuries, you can file a claim or civil suit to pursue damages, against the person responsible for the injuries. The recoverable damages can be medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of employment, and pain and suffering, among others.

Although the injured person can initiate such a claim for personal injury by representing himself, it is highly advisable to seek professional and qualified legal help in various situations such as those mentioned below:

  • It’s about serious injuries.
  • The insurance company does not assume responsibility for the injuries.
  • The insurance company of the victim or the person responsible does not cooperate.
  • The appropriate medical treatment for the victim of the injuries is denied.
  • Problems of any kind arise with the person in charge or with your insurance company.
  • The other party if you have legal support.
  • After the accident the victim dies and the person responsible does not assume their fault.

If you or a family member would like more information about this topic and obtain a free consultation for your personal injury case, visit any of our two specialized sites: and and we will gladly assist you.

What is a personal injury claim?

The best personal injury lawyers Lluis Law in Los Angeles have the experience and the ability to win any trial however difficult it may be. They work with dedication each case and are available 24 hours a day to assist victims of different types of accidents, cases of unjust death or unjustified loss of work.

Personal injury claims are legal disputes that arise when you suffer damage due to an accident with injuries and it is believed that another person may be liable under the law for the damages caused. The search for compensation for damages is formalized before a court, through a civil suit.

Sometimes disputes for these cases are resolved by an agreement between the parties (plaintiff and defendant). This is usually the most common; however, when it is not possible to reach an out-of-court settlement, then the judgment of the court is awaited.

Next we graph better that it is a demand and what is an extrajudicial agreement:

Demand for personal injuries

The personal injury cases are promoted by the affected party, that is, by the victim or Claimant, unlike the lawsuits for a criminal act, in which it is the state (Public Prosecutor’s Office) that acts against the wrongdoer. In the civil lawsuits the legal action is presented against the responsible party (person, company, government agency, institution) and the court decides if it is fault or not.

The argument presented by the plaintiff’s personal injury attorney is based on the negligent, reckless or irresponsible conduct of the defendant that caused the accident or injury. This is what is known as the formal presentation of the claim.

Extrajudicial agreement

In cases of personal injury it is very common for disputes to be resolved through an out-of-court settlement or informal liquidation. That is, the parties involved in the case after a negotiation in which each (plaintiff and defendant) through their respective lawyers and insurance companies solve the matter by means of payment of a sum of money.

Negotiations are often difficult and controversial, so the lawyer representing the victim should make use of all their knowledge, experience and ability to achieve the best possible settlement. This way you avoid going to a trial that can be a long, difficult and uncertain process for both parties.

How much is my case worth? How much does a lawyer cost?

In the case of personal injuries, these are usually the two most important questions the client asks. Before filing a civil lawsuit for personal injury it is crucial to know the possible benefits and costs of the process. To answer the first question, the lawyer needs to know the type of injury and its severity to determine the possible compensation that the client could obtain.

The second question is easier to answer: the client does not pay in advance. The contingency rate is used. The lawyer will receive the fees for his work only if he wins the case. The attorney’s fees will actually come out of the total compensation payment agreed upon in the final settlement or set by the court through a judgment.

Why file a personal injury lawsuit?

It’s important to be clear about why a personal injury lawsuit is filed; what the victim is pursuing and what he hopes to obtain. After suffering an injury at work, on the street, in a movie theater, at the restaurant or any other place and it is suspected that for such an injury there may be a different employer, it’s crucial to seek legal help to start a claim process.

Personal injury claims help people recover damages for medical expenses, lost wages, loss of consortium, pain and suffering and other expenses that the victim should not pay but the person responsible for the injuries. It is possible that after medical treatment, the injured person regain their health, but there are accidents in which the injury suffered can leave sequels for a lifetime.

In those cases, if the victim is a worker, he / she may lose their job or become disabled, which means a total change of life. This new reality she will force to find another way to earn a living and support their family. Meanwhile: how will live and how can pay the accumulated bills?

The answer may be in the lawsuit for damages that you try with your personal injury lawyer.

Stages of a personal injury lawsuit

Cases of personal injury lawsuits are developed by steps or stages. When you hire a personal injury lawyer to represent a person injured in an accident, you must be present at each of those stages and always available to answer the questions and concerns of your clients.

Lawyer and client must be consubstantiated with the lawsuit process to make the case flow and develop in the best way for the victim. The decision to sue a third party must leave the preliminary meeting that the client and lawyer hold to review if there is actually a case, the pros and cons, as well as the benefits and risks.

When the decision to sue is made, then the judicial process begins formally, which is divided into several stages:


The personal injury lawsuit process begins at the time the plaintiff files his formal pleading or complaint with the court. In the pleading, it is explained and argued why the responsible party is being sued and the remedies and damages that are pursued are exposed.

The defendant, then, also has access to the complaint and can answer the complaint with a plea in their favor. In this stage the defendant can admit or deny the allegations against him issued by the plaintiff.

On the other hand, the defendant has the opportunity also to countermand, by filing what is known as a “Claim of Defendant.” In it, the defendant becomes a plaintiff as well, since it is considered to be a victim and requests the recovery of damages. The plaintiff may also answer the counter complaint.


In this stage that follows the presentation of the first allegations called discovery, the parties formally initiate the collection of information. The plaintiff seeks with the evidence and other elements found, to prove the responsibility of the plaintiff in the injuries caused. The respondent, on the other hand, also gathers all the information that he considers appropriate for their defense.

During the discovery stage, interrogations and depositions may be conducted, documents may be requested from government agencies and other sources of information, and valid documents presented are admitted.

Pre-trial motions

This stage includes several types of motions, such as:

Motions in limine, by means of which one of the parties asks the judge that any of the evidence that forms the evidence be excluded from the trial.

Motions for summary judgment, where the defendant asks the judge in the light of the evidence presented to rule in their favor, arguing that no jury would reasonably rule in favor of the plaintiff. In addition, he is entitled to a sentence based strictly on the facts.

Motions to dismiss, in which the judge is requested to dismiss the case presented by the plaintiff.

Conferences / meetings

It is the contacts between both parties with the presence of the defendant’s and plaintiff’s attorneys, with whom it is sought to reach a satisfactory agreement before the jury issues a verdict on the case. When an agreement is reached, the judge is notified and the case is closed.


If an agreement is not reached between the parties, inexorably the judicial process continues its course and the case goes to trial. During the trial, both parties present their evidence. The plaintiff tries to prove the responsibility of the defendant, in this case based on his negligence or irresponsible behavior. At the same time, he requests the recovery of the damages that in his opinion were caused.

On the other hand, the defendant exposes the evidence in their favor to defend himself against the accusations presented by the plaintiff in his arguments, in order to avoid payment of the damages compensation requested.


This is the final stage of the trial, where the jury or the judge, if it is a trial in the seat, dictates a verdict in which determines the liability or not of the defendant and the sum of money for damages that must be paid.


If the respondent or plaintiff do not agree with the verdict, they have the right to appeal to the California Court of Appeals.

When to file a personal injury claim?

To file a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff must consider the California Statute of Limitations. The deadline for filing a lawsuit starts running from the moment the plaintiff is injured or discovers that he has an injury.

Each state has a statute of limitations that establishes deadlines for filing lawsuits for certain crimes. For personal injury cases, California law sets a period of 2 years at the end of which if a legal action has not been filed against the person responsible, the case may be dismissed.

The faster the decision is made to act against the person responsible for the injuries, if the type of injuries and the circumstances of the accident so determine, it is better. The accused will have less time to fabricate the evidences and allegations he needs to try to evade his responsibility.

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Most common personal injury cases

The best personal injury lawyers Lluis Law in Los Angeles have the experience and the ability to win any trial however difficult it may be. They work with dedication each case and are available 24 hours a day to assist victims of different types of accidents, cases of unjust death or unjustified loss of work.

Personal injuries occur in many situations in people’s daily lives. The law of personal injury or law of grievances, allows victims of this type of injury to obtain compensation when the accident that causes them occurs due to negligence or the malicious conduct of another person.

The two ways to obtain compensation for personal injuries are: through a claim or a civil lawsuit for damages. In the United States, about 700,000 personal injury claims are filed every year, some of these cases are not resolved with a claim, so it is necessary to file a lawsuit seeking just and sufficient compensation.

The monetary compensation may be for damages related to physical injuries, emotional injuries, loss of wages or loss of consortium (company). Some of the most frequent situations, in which these injuries occur according to the experience of the law firm of Lluis Law in Los Angeles and according to the available statistics, are the ones mentioned below:

Car accidents

These accidents are among the most common causes of injuries in the United States. In California, drivers are required to contract a liability insurance policy in anticipation of these types of situations and to protect victims of personal injury.

These accidents include motorized, cyclists and pedestrians who are hit or hit cars on the roads of Los Angeles. The most frequent causes are due to carelessness of drivers when reading messages on their cell phone, talking on the phone or taking their eyes off the road. Also driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI).

Types of injuries in automobile accidents

The most frequent injuries due to automobile accidents are:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck and back injury
  • Polytrauma
  • Leg, foot and knee injuries
  • Arm and hand injuries
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Posttraumatic stress
  • Cranial injury
  • Face injuries
  • Permanent disability
  • Death

Accidents in the workplace

Another source of personal injury that increases the statistics of claims before the insurance companies and the courts of the United States, are accidents in the workplace. Many of these accidents are due to the negligence of others, who must comply with industrial safety standards and take reasonable care while handling tools, machinery and equipment.

When an accident occurs in the workplace and is not the fault of the worker but a third party, the worker has the right to claim compensation for damages. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, during 2014, nearly 3 million work accidents were reported, of which about 5,000 were fatal.

Types of work-related injuries

Among the most frequent injuries due to accidents in the workplace are:

  • Repetitive movements
  • Bone fracture
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Cranial injury or traumatic brain injury
  • Sight loss
  • Hearing loss
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sprains, strains and tears
  • Falls, slips and trips
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Psychological damage
  • Wrongful death

Medical negligence

Medical malpractice is another cause of personal injury and death in Los Angeles. Physicians have a legal and ethical obligation to provide their patients with professional and quality care. They must at all times ensure that their medical diagnoses and treatments are effective and do not put patients’ health or lives at greater risk.

In these cases, victims or their relatives can file a claim for medical malpractice to recover damages for errors or irresponsible / malicious behavior of the doctor during their professional practice. Injuries caused by doctors acting negligently may become as or more serious than the injuries they treat and even cause the death of the patient.

Some of the catastrophic injuries caused by medical malpractice are:

  • Brain death / cerebral palsy
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Nerve injury
  • Loss of limbs
  • Birth injuries
  • Damages due to the use of dangerous medicines or misdiagnosis. The patient’s condition worsens as a result of any of this other form of medical malpractice.

Accidents due to slips and falls

These accidents are among the most frequent in people’s lives and are those that occupy most of the emergency rooms of hospitals. Among other things because they can happen anywhere: in the workplace, on the street or at home. Some of the most frequent injuries due to trips, slips and falls are the following:

  • Fracture of arms and elbow
  • Knee and foot fracture
  • Head injuries
  • Column injuries

Accidents of Wrongful Death

Any death caused by the negligent, irresponsible or malicious conduct of another person or company, may be the subject of a claim or civil lawsuit. Unjust death can occur anywhere and in various types of situations such as: car accidents, accidents at work and accidents, medical malpractice, use of defective products, etc.

Defective product

The law establishes that every product must offer guarantees to consumers when they are used correctly. This is valid for mass consumption products (food, household products, industrial supplies, medicines, etc.). But when a product causes damage to a person due to manufacturing defects, the manufacturer and / or distributor has an unavoidable responsibility, or strict liability.

It means that the manufacturer is held responsible for the injuries or damages caused, regardless of whether he did not behave negligently during the manufacturing process. To pursue damages in these cases it is not necessary to prove the responsibility of the manufacturer; with the demonstration of the defect of the product is enough.

The injuries caused by defective products can be of different types, for example:

  • Burns due to fire or electrocution.
  • Multiple fractures (car accidents).
  • Poisoning, poisoning.
  • Damage to the skin and face from explosions.
  • Wounds opened by cuts and lacerations.

Errors in defective products are commonly grouped in:

Errors in the way of sale. Label failures and correct warnings of use of the product to the consumer.

Manufacturing defects. Intrinsic failure of the product that generates a danger of immanent use.

Design flaws. An error in the design of the product makes it potentially dangerous to be used.

Dog Bites

Although it seems unusual, dog bites are quite frequent in work sites where these animals are used as guardians of the place. Workers or anyone else can be attacked by dogs and cause very serious injuries, such as deep wounds, damage to the skin, muscles, nerves and tendons and even amputations.

Dog bites are also frequent in residential areas where these pets remain loose or tied, but very close to the sidewalks where pedestrians walk. In a case of dog bite, the owner of the animal is responsible for the injuries caused, for which the law allows him to be sued for personal injuries.

Compensation for monetary damages in California

There are very interesting data regarding compensation for monetary damages in cases of personal injury claims. According to a study conducted by Jury Verdict Research in California, the average is $ 1,814,094. The national average verdict is $ 1,450,000, while in California it is $ 2,212,936.

The percentages of verdicts in the courts of California indicate that in the state the victims obtain a greater amount of compensation in relation to the national average. In the case of personal injury, California plaintiffs won a prize in 41% of the cases.

Cases of back and neck injuries accounted for 17% of all injury cases, with an average compensation of $ 10,885. Another example of eloquent compensation is represented by the verdicts of disc injuries in California. The amount of payment for these injuries was $ 84,550, while the national average remained at $ 50,000.

With respect to brain injuries, verdicts in California are more substantial in terms of compensated sums than nationally. A brain injury in California charges approximately $ 1,595,000. At a national level, the verdicts for this same injury are $ 1,400,000 on average.

This indicates that in California in the courts personal injury cases are better valued than in the other states of the country. A personal injury lawyer with experience and ability, can help you solve your case faster and more likely to obtain a fair and substantial compensation.

For more information on this topic and to obtain a free consultation for your personal injury case, visit any of our two specialized sites: and and we will gladly assist you.

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Lluis Law, a Los Angeles Law Firm with over 40 years of experience serving the hispanic community of Los Angeles is announcing the launch of Abogado.LA.  Abogado.LA is a new Spanish language site dedicated to providing information and resources to the Spanish speaking community. The visitors of Abogado.LA will be able to learn about immigration laws and developments, their rights in accidents whether automobile or a work place injury.  As well, the visitors of Abogado.LA will also find information about criminal law and the criminal justice process.

For more information, please visit Abogado.La.

A right to Compensation in Car Accidents by Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers

Were you or a friend or family member latterly in an auto accident?  Was the accident not your or your family fault?  Did you suffer injuries from this accident?  Then A Los Angeles personal injury attorney might be able to help you get proper compensation the losses experienced in the accident.  It is first and foremost for you to understand that you are the victims of someone else’s carelessness or reckless driving and that you have the right to be properly compensated for your injuries.


Vehicle accidents happen all of the time, particularly in LA where there are naturally more vehicles on the road than most other cities.  A L. A. personal injury attorney may be ready to help your case because people who fall victim to a car accident can and most likely will face monetary problems due to their wounds.  Lodging a claim with the other drivers insurer is generally not enough to fix the issue and make things better.


The insurance companies are out to earn income and to make that money need to spend as little as possible in the payouts of their insurance policies.  This is the reason why they may often use a slew of methods to avoid or totally get out of awarding the compensation that’s deserved by the victim.  The insurance corporations will delay, reject or underpay on claims, which isn’t morally or honestly correct and will put the victim in a difficult fiscal position.


By hiring a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer you’ll make sure that you don’t get cheated by the insurance corporation and a LA injury lawyer will make sure that the insurance corporations do not victimize a trusting person for a second time.  A utterly innocent victim does not have to tolerate this and has the right to legally pursue some type of compensation for their injuries.  This is why the help of a LA injury attorney is so critical when you are the victim of a ghastly auto accident.  An individual injury attorney will fight for you to be certain that you are awarded all of the financial compensation that you are entitled to for the wounds and monetary problems you faced from the accident.


You can show the insurance firm you are dealing with that you’re serious about your lawsuit and you mean business when you say that you have entitlement to receiving payment for the damages by hiring a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.  It is rare that these sorts of cases will make it to the courtroom or will go to trail.  Almost all automobile accident court actions with insurance companies are settled outside of the courtroom.  You can take comfort in realizing that a LA personal injury attorney at has got you covered, and is more than prepared to take on your case with integrity and fight for your right to compensation for your harms and financial hardships caused by the results and result of the accident.